3 Maps, A Warmode Mission, And Zombies Episode Coming To COD WWII

News // Call of Duty: WWII // By pets_torrefranca // 21 June 2018

3 Maps, A Warmode Mission, And Zombies Episode Coming To COD WWII

The third DLC pack for Call of Duty World War II was recently announced for the PlayStation 4. The United Front DLC contains 3 multiplayer maps, a new Warmode Mission, and a new Zombies experience priced at $14.99 and is scheduled to go live on June 26. Descriptions of the contents can be seen below.

Market Garden Map

The first map is inspired by one of the historic Operation Market Garden which is an unsuccessful British led operation fought in the Netherlands and Germany. Featuring an intense tight-quarters combat experience set in a war-torn mansion in The Netherlands. In terms of details, the map is polished with the proper ambiance to create that authentic World War II experience.

Monte Cassino Map

The next map on the list is set in Italy inspired by the infamous Battle of Monte Cassino. Featuring a war-torn village situated below a mountaintop monastery, the map is designed with various vantage points for snipers and underground sewers for surprise attacks.

Stalingrad Map

The Battle of Stalingrad is the inspiration for the third map. It features two main bases situated opposite to each other with the main city smacked in the middle. The map offers various vantage points and underground passageways perfect for control or surprise attacks.

Operation Supercharge

Taking place in Tunisia, the new Warmode mission is inspired by the second battle of El Alamein called Operation Supercharge which is a victorious campaign by the Allies. Players will airdrop and capture supplies from a Nazi-occupied village, blow up a transport bridge and capture entrenched Axis fortifications.

United Front Zombies

The new Zombies experience called the Tortured Path follows General Rideau's attempt to transport the remaining pieces of Emperor Barbarossa’s legendary sword. But to accomplish this mission, they must cross infested lands and icy u-boat infested waters. Check out the trailer below for more information about the DLC and stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.   

"COD WWII United Front DLC Trailer"

Source: PlayStation Blog