Fighting EX Layer Launches With No Story And Arcade Mode, Fans Are Not Happy

News // Arika // By pets_torrefranca // 30 June 2018

Fighting EX Layer Launches With No Story And Arcade Mode, Fans Are Not Happy

Arika's much-anticipated entry to the fighting game genre Fighting EX Layer officially went live for the PlayStation 4 a couple of days ago, but some fans are not happy with the game. For one, Fighting EX Layer lacks some of the most essential components that make a great fighting game, features like Story Mode, Arcade, and AI opponents (except on training mode) are non-existent in the game.

"Fighting EX Layer at Launch is kind of a barren-A** landscape, there is not a ton to do in this game." - Maximilian Dood

Fighting game enthusiast and YouTuber Maximilian Dood in his review video stated that Fighting EX Layer actually works on "Day 1" without any issues which are rare in the fighting game genre. He also mentioned that in terms of gameplay, Gougi presents a unique system mechanic and that the game will obviously get patched over time. Aside from that, Max also praised the game's graphical presentation and character design, and that it reminds him of "Killer Instinct at launch", he, however, hesitates to recommend the game to new players at its current state and adviced them to wait for more content, but for hardcore EX and classic fans of the fighting game genre, this game comes highly recommended by Max.

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Fighting EX Layer Menu Overview

Arika may have missed some things in terms of communication during the game's launch, especially on their post-launch plans for the game. From the looks of things, the development team may have focused more on the gameplay and online mechanics first and will probably add its missing features in the coming months. It would be best if Arika would connect and explain the current state of the game to the community so that hype amassed by the game remains intact. Check out the launch trailer of the game below for more information and stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.   

"Max Reviews Fighting EX Layer"

"Fighting EX Layer Launch Trailer"

Source: Arika, Maximilian Dood