Fujimura, Kazunoko, And Jeondding, Dominates CEO 2018

Tournament // Results // Esports // By pets_torrefranca // 04 July 2018

Fujimura, Kazunoko, And Jeondding, Dominates CEO 2018

A crowd of more than 3,000 fighting game enthusiast gathered last weekend at the Ocean Center event complex om Daytona Beach Florida for the annual CEO 2018 Fighting Game Championships. This year's event plays host to 4 major tournament events featuring some of the best fighting game specialists in the planet battling it out for those previous premiere points and the iconic CEO belt.

Fudoh|Fujimura CEO 2018 SFVAE Champion

Japan's Fudoh|Fujimura with his character Ibuki has basically harrowed his way through more than 500 Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition specialists during the tournament. His winning streak, however, was cut short after suffering a 2-3 defeat from China's DouyuTV|Xiao Hai during the Winner's Finals. His unfortunate downfall sends him to the Loser's Finals against Norway's NVD|Phenom who took third place after a 3-1 defeated. After his ascent back to the finals, Fujimura went on to punish Xiao Hai starting with a 3-0 reset during the first set followed by a 3-1 victory during the second making him the champion of the event.         

GGP|Kazunoko CEO 2018 DBFZ Champion

In the Saiyan department, GGP|Kazunoko has won the first Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour Saga event after fighting through more than 600 players. This victory will not only earn him some cold hard cash and a sure spot to the finals but also one of the highly sought out Dragon Balls as well. Other runner-ups include CO|Go1 on second place with his rival FOX|SonicFox on fifth place.

UYU|Jeondding CEO 2018 Tekken 7 Champion

UYU|Jeondding in an amazing comeback took the Tekken World Tour Master belt after successfully defeating  FOX|JDCR (3-2)  during the Losers Finals, facing his teammate UYU|Qudans during the Grand Finals who eventually succumbs to a 3-2 defeat. Check out the videos below for more information and stay tuned for more gaming news and updates. 

"CEO 2018 SFVAE Top 8"

1. FD|Fujimura
2. DouyuTV|Xiao Hai
3. NVD|Phenom
4. FAV|Sako
5. PG|Infiltration
5. RZR|Xian
7. Fursan|Verloren
7. NuckleDu

"CEO 2018 DBFZ Top 8"

DBFZ Top 8
1. GGP|Kazunoko
2. CO|Go1
3. CO|Fenrich
4. CO|Dogura
5. FOX|SonicFox
5. NRG|HookGangGod
7. BC|ApologyMan
7. FOX|Dekillsage

"CEO 2018 Tekken Top 8"

Tekken 7 Top 8
1. UYU|Jeondding
2. UYU|Qudans
4. ITS|Lil Majin
5. AR|Book
5. EQNX|Dimeback
7. Binchan
7. Jimmy J Tran

Source: Capcom Fighters, SF5 RBK, HobbyGamer