Knee Dominates Abuget Cup TWT Event, Fursan Specialists Takes 7th

Tournament // Results // By pets_torrefranca // 10 July 2018

Knee Dominates Abuget Cup TWT Event, Fursan Specialists Takes 7th

Rox|Knee scores another Tekken World Tour victory last weekend after dominating Abuget Cup 2018 in Jakarta, Indonesia. Coming from the losers bracket together with his main Paul, Knee managed to eliminate each of his opponents during the top 8 finals leading him to face the unscathed Japanese Specialist Noroma conveniently waiting for him at the Grand Finals. Rox|Knee managed to reset the bracket 3-0 during the first set, the real battle, however, began on the second set as both player's thirst for victory led to a showcase of skill to which Knee persevered thus earning him additional Global points to further solidify his place in the tour's global rankings.

Abuget Cup 2018 TWT Champ Knee

Local FGC representatives from Team Fursan were also present during the tournament, both  LowHigh and Rangchu managed to compete up to the top 8 finals. Even though the duo was eliminated during the early stages of the finals, being a part of the top 8 pack is still a great achievement given the number of participants during the event. Noroma is currently part of the top 10 while Rangchu is part of the top 20 based on the pre-Abuget cup Global Rankings. Check out the grand finals below for more information and stay tuned for more gaming news and updates. 

"Abuget Cup 2018 TWT Championship"

Abuget Cup 2018 Tekken 7 Top 8
1. ROX.Dragon|Knee
3. Yamasa|Nobi
4. Yamasa|TAKE
5. Yamasa|Yuu
5. ALPHA Red|Book
7. Fursan|LowHigh
7. Fursan|RangChu

Source: Meloo, Eventhubs