SFVAE Season 3 DLC Characters Sagat And G Available Now

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SFVAE Season 3 DLC Characters Sagat And G Available Now

Sagat and G, part of Street Fighter V Arcade Edition Season 3 character line-up were revealed recently at EVO 2018. While Sagat also was known as the Solitary King is a classic member of the Street Fighter roster, The self-proclaimed President of the World known as G is a new character entry in the iconic series. With that out of the way, let's take a quick overview of the abilities of both characters.

SFVAE Season 3 character G

Aside from his V-Skills and triggers, G comes with a new feature called "Presidentiality Level" situated right next to the V-Gauge. The Presidentiality Level increases through the use of G-charge and after reaching the maximum level (level 3), as a special of moveset will be available to the character (see list below).

SFVAE Season 3 character G

G Smash Over: A quick lunging punch that sends a citizen of Earth flying
Level 3 Presidentiality: Two hits that causes a wall bounce
G Smash Under: Quick lunging punch that hits low and causes knockdown
Level 3 Presidentiality: Two hits that also cause knockdown
G Burst: A downward molten projectile
Level 3 Presidentiality: The projectile now splashes upon hitting the ground, which sends magma at an upwards angle
G Spin Kick: G twists his body in the air and kicks the opponent at a downward angle
Level 3 Presidentiality: Now gains projectile invincibility
G Impact: A command grab that launches citizens of Earth and can be followed up by several special moves.
Level 3 Presidentiality: A multi-hit command grab that also launches opponents

Gs V-Skill 

His V-Skill called G-Barrier is a force field from the "Energy of Earth" that can launch his opponents to the air making them open for combos.

 Gs V-Trigger I

His V-Trigger I called Maximum President turns the color of the character's skin to gold while buffing up his Level 3 Presidentiality in the process. The character can also launch G-Barrier into the air as a projectile during this process.

Gs V-Trigger II 

In V-Trigger II, G's arms are covered in what looked like molten lava. During this execution process, a special move called G Explosion that can send his opponent through the air is accessible. Another special command grab called G Rage can also be executed dealing a decent amount of damage to his opponent.

 Gs Critical Art

Pangaea Burst is the name of G's Critical Art and as the name suggests, triggering this ability will unleash a burst of magma from the earth itself making it the perfect finisher for this character.

 The Emperor of Muay Thai Sagat

Dubbed as the Emperor of Muay Thai, Sagat has been one of the most iconic characters in the series known for his devastating "Tiger Uppercut". As a returning character, Sagat is one of the crucial pieces to complete the game's roster. Below is an overview of the emperor's abilities.

Sagat's V-Skill

His V-Skill called Angry Charge is designed to buff both his Damage and Stun for the next Tiger Uppercut Execution giving the character more chances to juggle his opponents for combo opportunities.

Sagat's V-Trigger I

His V-Trigger I called Tiger Charge is a three-block V-Trigger that unlocks his devastating "Tiger Cannon" projectile move. The character's regular moves can also be canceled to this move which can give way to combos.

Sagat's V-Trigger II

Tiger Assault is the name of his two-block V-Trigger II. This ability will enable the character to execute his Tiger Spike and Tiger Rush moveset. Where "Tiger Spike" is described as a "long-reaching sharp kick,"  "Tiger Rush" is an altered version of the character's "Tiger Knee."

Sagat's Critical Art

To finish up his opponents, Sagat's Critical Art called Tiger Rampage is made up of multiple kicks and punches concluded by a charged-up "Tiger Uppercut". Sagat and G are now available for $5.99 or 100,000 fight money. Check out the trailers and gallery below for more information and stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.  


"SFVAE G Reveal Trailer"

"SFVAE G Introduction Video"

"SFVAE Sagat Reveal Trailer"

"SFVAE Sagat Character Introduction Trailer"

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