New Characters For Dragon Ball FighterZ And Soulcalibur VI Revealed At EVO 2018

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New Characters For Dragon Ball FighterZ And Soulcalibur VI Revealed At EVO 2018

Bandai Namco has been the dominant publisher in this year's EVO 2018 with Dragon Ball FighterZ and Tekken 7 getting the most entrants in the main line-up. Aside from that, one of their upcoming weapon-based fighting game Soulcalibur VI has evolved to become one of the most anticipated titles in the genre. In relation to that, let's take a quick overview on some of the revealed characters coming to both upcoming and new titles in the company's huge line-up of games.

Bandai Namco EVO 2018 Reveal

Announced for Dragon Ball FighterZ is the official launch date of Base Goku and Base Vegeta which is on August 8, 2018. Not only that, previously leaked character Cooler was also revealed as the next DLC character for the highly acclaimed game.

Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC Character Cooler

Cooler is the spawn of the King of Cold and is the older brother of Frieza. As the eldest son, Cooler's abilities are somewhat superior to that of his sibling with his normal form comparable to the final form of Frieza. Showcased in the trailer are some of the upcoming character's devastating moves which would probably make him one of the game's most challenging characters.

Soulcalibur VI Character Astaroth

Meanwhile, the demonic guard Astaroth together with the heart and soul girl Seong Mi-Na were revealed as returning characters for Soulcalibur VI. Both characters armed with their signature weapons executing some of their destructive moves were showcased in the latest trailer for the upcoming game.

Soulcalibur VI Character Astaroth 2

Replacing the original Astaroth who was vanquished in the previous installments is a mass-produced version of the character. Despite the title, the character still retains the same powerful attacks seen in the original version of him.

Soulcalibur VI Character SM

Seong Mi-Na, on the other hand, is a strong-willed stubborn girl of Korean descent. Her weapon of choice includes the Korean pole weapon called wol do, the Chinese Guan Dao, and the Japanese Naginata.  Spacing is considered one of the most essential factors to consider in controlling this character based on the previous installments.

Soulcalibur VI Character SM

The second Season Pass for Tekken 7 was also revealed by the company during the event. Soulcalibur VI is scheduled to launch on October 19 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Check out the new trailers below for more information and stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.

"Dragon Ball FighterZ Cooler Reveal Trailer"

"Soulcalibur VI Astaroth And Seong Mi-Na Reveal Trailer"

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