Save NBA 2K19 Loot Boxes, Talk To Your Government, Says 2K

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Save NBA 2K19 Loot Boxes, Talk To Your Government, Says 2K

In line with the ongoing discussion and changes pertaining to loot boxes in video games, 2K has apparently has posted a statement or rather a plea to its Belgian community to contact their local government representative and communicate with the Belgian Gaming Commission (BGC) in regards to loot boxes. With "a prison sentence of up to five years and a fine of up to 800,000 euros," publishers are in a desperate campaign to justify the presence of loot boxes in a game that the players bought for the price of a full game.

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2K Statement Belgium Screenshot From Yong Yea

On their road to justification, a statement by 2K19 Producer Rob Jones even went as far as describing players as lazy and does not "have the patience to work their way to the top"(Trusted Reviews 9/4/18). If that's the case, then isn't peddling a deconstructed/incomplete game at the price of a full game then selling parts of it afterward a quick way to get rich? or an "impatient" way to get to the top?

"Paying loot boxes are not an innocent part of video games that present themselves as games of skill. Players are tempted and misled, and none of the protective measures for gambling is applied. Now that it is clear that children and vulnerable people in particular are exposed to them unprotected, game manufacturers but also parties such as FIFA, for example, are called upon to call a halt to this practice. " -Peter Naessens, director of the Belgian Gaming Commission

It would be better if the "full game" description will also come with the full experience. Gone are the good old days of gaming where items are earned based on skills. Publishers are now worried that other countries will follow Belgium's action to this greedy form of deception, thus now they turn to the community whom they cheated for all these years.  One of the comments found in the video below suggests how players can help 2K in their to making Loot Boxes legal.

"You all are being too hard on them. It's obvious they want to speed up their progression of fighting to get loot boxes in Belgium. So we help them like they've helped us. For $50 you can have 3 letters, there's a 2% chance to have ones supporting your cause in there and 98% against. If you want the premium Letter Box, it's only $99 for 10 letters +1 with a 5% chance of getting ones for your cause with a guarantee of getting at least one good letter. (Chances listed are common drop rates of loot boxes in mobile games)" - Tabryne Figaro

Check out the video by Yong Yea below for more information and stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.

"YongYea's Discussion on Loot Boxes"

Source: YongYea, Koen Geens Cover Image From 2K19