Special Guest in Tekken Tag 2 Tournament S1

Tournament // News // By pets_torrefranca // 28 June 2015

Special Guest in Tekken Tag 2 Tournament S1

First time ever in UAE one of the top players from UK and KSA is coming to attend this event. Roo Kang from UK and Omar Jack from KSA are coming to compete in this tournament. It is a good chance for UAE players to get an experience and to improve their level against someone from abroad. The best UAE players who are excited to go against Omar Jack and Roo Kang are 

  • Ramaady
  • JinUAE
  • ShyOni
  • Loryogi
  • Diety Fist 
  • F-A-5-R-DXB
  • Lord 3abood and more

More players are coming. If you wanna join this event join now or if you are new, first you have to register then join the tournament. Get more experience, and improve your skill. Also, we will keep your records, ranking, and matches updated on our website. 

  Omar Jack Roo Kang

Tournaments Achievements


 - 2nd place TTT2 in EVO Road to Kuwait     

 - 3rd place T6 in Tekken Arabia 5

 - 1st place T6 in Tekken Arabia 4 Teams

 - 2nd place T6 in Tekken Arabia 4 Solo 



 - 1st place TTT2 in Hypespotting 4 Glosgow

 - 1st place TTT2 in Scotland 

 - 1st place TTT2 in MBA Fight Series

 - 1st place TTT2 in Warriors Return

 - Top 8 TTT2 in Winter Assembly in Finland

 - 1st place in 360 Gaming Ranking Battle Champion in London