Tekken 7 Summer MASTERCUP 2015

Tournament // News // By pets_torrefranca // 30 August 2015

Tekken 7 Summer MASTERCUP 2015

This year in summer MASTERCUP (Tekken 7) won’t be as a major compared to other Tournament which being held every year once. In This summer MASTERCUP will be held in Japan for the celebration of Nobi’s winning EVO 2015 Tekken Tournament. So all the matches will be streamed via Nico Nico and you need to have an account to watch the tournament live and it is free. The tournament will be on Sunday 30th of Aug 2015. The schedules are:

- 1st Round till 2nd Round 10:00 am till 1:00 pm

- Wild card 2:00 pm

- Final 3:30 till 6:00 pm

Please note: all the timings are in JST and may change.

Total teams as confirmed in this tournament are 44 teams, 132 participants and it will be 3 vs 3 team members.

- To watch match live via niconic

- To watch via Youtube this will be added later in their channel click here

Sources: Avoidingthepuddle, nicovideo