Tekken Collision Tournament in Peru feat. Anakin Inkognito

Tournament // News // By pets_torrefranca // 03 December 2015

Tekken Collision Tournament in Peru feat. Anakin  Inkognito

Tekken 7 may be on the cusp of release but that doesn’t bother the lads at Peru since they’re hosting one more TTT2 tournament set to take place on March 16.

What’s more is that star players Anakin and Inkognito from the USA will be traveling to Peru to participate in said tournament.

These two decorated players have had highly respectable placements during the course of their Tekken Career with Anakin of Atlanta being one of the few players to represent the USA during Tekken 6’s Tekken Crash in Korea among many other tournaments wins like KiT.

Let’s not forget about Inkognito who took 2nd place at Final Round 18 earlier this year losing out narrowly to arguably the best player in the world JDCR, also with his own share of tournament wins under his belt.

It doesn’t mean that this tournament will be free for the Americans considering that Peru houses Abel Del Maestro, the only player outside of Korea to take out JDCR in a tournament, not to mention even beating out Saint the TTT2 Global Champion.

Even though everyone is already looking forward to the next Tekken game, this will still make for a hype tournament with players of such high caliber thrown into the mix. Expect to see some high-level TTT2 for maybe one final time.

Below are some flashy trailers put together by the Peru community to get you hype about the tournament.

"Tekken Collision Inkognito's Message"

Source: Tekken Collision Facebook