Brook Universal Fighting Board With Last And Next Gen Compatibility

News // Arcade Stick // By pets_torrefranca // 18 January 2016

Brook Universal Fighting Board With Last And Next Gen Compatibility

The Brook Universal Fighting Board is a PCB that allows your arcade stick to run on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox 1 and PC!

Arcade sticks are a bit of a pricey business, and with the new generation of consoles already out, there's not a variety of models you can choose from. So far you have a choice between The Hori, Mad Catz and Razer Atrox sticks.

While a fighting game like Skull Girls may support last gen sticks, it’s unknown whether upcoming games like Street Fighter V will allow for a similar leniency. We’ve previously had other PCBs such as the Cronus Max and MCCthulu but there have been problems with how they function (such as timeouts for the PS4) and the installation process was a bit tricky. Simply put, if you weren’t experienced with something like soldering, you’d have to take it to a modder to get the PCB installed.

Where the Brook Universal Fighting Board differs is that it’s easy to install and to sweeten the deal, there’s a built-in SOCD cleaner.

With the release of this PCB, you needn't shell out a chunk of change on a new arcade stick if you're on a tight budget… just hook this bad boy up and you’re good to go on any console. It’ll make it so that your arcade stick can run across platforms with auto system detection.

Key features as listed on the website are:

  • True Multi-Console Support (No 8 Minute timeout on PS4)
  • Auto System Detection
  • Fully upgradeable by end user when firmware updates are required
  • XINPUT mode for games that require it
  • Turbo Support
  • Built-in SOCD Cleaner
  • Common Form Factor

Before you ask, yes it has been through intensive testing for compatibility, latency, and functioning. There are a lot more details regarding this excellent device, so if you’re an arcade stick player that’s still on the fence about purchasing a next gen stick, jump on over to the source to go to the website directly to get all the details, including purchasing process as well.

The boards are expected to start shipping between Feb 3rd-6th and the pre-order price will run you $79.99.

Source: Arcade Shock