A Shout Out to ALL the Participants, Guests, Sponsors and Viewers of OUG Tournament 2018

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A Shout Out to ALL the Participants, Guests, Sponsors and Viewers of  OUG Tournament 2018
It may be a little bit overrated but we are proud to say that all the hard work we invested to accomplish our mission to support, promote and expand the ever-growing fighting game community in the UAE has once again paid off. Despite the various imperfections, delays, and some other flaws, we are proud to say that the event was a big success. Over the years we have witnessed the growth of our local FGC and the rise of a new breed of players who are more than willing to face some of the best specialists on the planet.
Oug 2018 tournament highlights
Oug 2018 tournament highlights
To all the local and international champions who despite their worldwide standing and prominence, made the effort to acknowledge our humble request, we would like to extend our greatest appreciation, not only for your participation but for being a great example and inspiration to all aspiring players.     
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To our sponsors, especially to the organizers of the NEO GEO World tour who also showed their overwhelming support along with Bandai Namco, SNK, and Games to Go! and our partner UAE Smashers! We are grateful for the chance and hope that this will be the beginning of a healthy partnership. 
Oug 2018 tournament highlights
And last but not the least we would like to thank and acknowledge the entire Fighting Game Community for the overwhelming support. Our tournament may not be perfect but we strive to make it better each year. Thus, we would like to invite all of you for our next year's event! Once again thank you for the support and the memories. 
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