OUG Tournament 2018 Results Overview

Tournament // Results // Middle East // By pets_torrefranca // 22 August 2019

OUG Tournament 2018 Results Overview
2018 has been a great year for the local fighting game community, as for the first time in since the first tournament we have seen a member of our local team won the championship. Aside from that, we also got the privilege of becoming the host of the NEO GEO World tour. With that, we are proud to say that this year's event has been a great success! All of this would have never been possible if not for the support of both the local and international Fighting Game Community. 
With that out of the way, here are the results for the OUG Tournament 2018 that took place last October 12-13, 2018. 
VSlash|Arslan Ash
First off is Tekken 7 where Arslan ash from local team V|Slash won his first championship by beating Rox|Knee who happens to be the best Tekken specialist on the planet. vSlash|arslan ash defeated Knee twice, first during the top 8 finals (2-0) and in the grand finals (3-0). vSlash|arslan ash is the latest addition to the ever-growing roster VSlash roster of international champions. Street Fighter V was dominated by CAG | GO1 who managed to climb back up from the Loser's bracket and eventually defeating Capcom Cup 2018 qualifier and European Region Champion Nasr|Angrybird with Vslash|White-ashx on third place.
VSlash|Lord Snackington
Lord Snackington another V|Slash specialist has dominated the Super Smash Bros. 4 for the Wii U. Plowing his way from the winner's finals to the grand finals with no trouble at all. 4Dx|eMASS who climbed his way back up from the loser's finals did not stand a chance against Lord Snackington's thirst for victory. Aside from winning the Street Fighter V event, CAG|GO1 has also managed to dominate the Dragon Ball FighterZ tournament. Though this does not come as surprise due to the fact that CAG|GO1 is currently one of the top international specialists for the game. Trailing behind is CloudXZA who managed to pull his way back up from the loser's bracket followed by Ghafarinho|Majed on third place. 
CAG|GO1 DBFZ And SFV Champion
The KOF'98, on the other hand, was dominated by KOF2982 who also managed to fight his way to the grand finals. Coming in at second place is DragonSlayerX who pulled himself up from the loser's bracket, made a reset, but was eventually eliminated by KOF2982 during the second set. Trailing at number 3 is DF who was the main opponent of DragonSlayerX during the Loser's finals. Tekken 7 champ vSlash|Arslan Ash managed to secure his very own spot in the upcoming NEO GEO World Tour after beating his fellow teammate and KOF XIV champ vSlash| WhiteAsh during the grand finals. DarkFellow, on the other hand, took the third spot in the event.
Once again we would like to thank the local and international FGC together with our sponsors NEO GEO World Tour, SNK, Bandai Namco, and Games To Go! Check out the tournament videos through this LINK and this LINK for the rest of the images. See you all next year! 

"OUG Tournament 2018 Tekken 7 Grand Finals"

"OUG Tournament 2018 SFV Grand Finals"

"OUG Tournament 2018 SSB4 Wii U Grand Finals"

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"OUG Tournament 2018 DBFZ Grand Finals"

"OUG Tournament 2018 KOF '98 Grand Finals"

"OUG Tournament 2018 KOF XIV NEO GEO Grand Finals"


Tekken 7 Top 8

1. vSlash|arslan ash       

2. ROXDRG | Knee          

3. Fate | Bilal     

4. OTW|CallMeNooB    

5. OTW|federer2009     

5. ROXDRG | Chanel       

7. RenZoKeN    


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SFV Top 8

1. CAG | GO1    

2. Nasr|Angrybird          

3. Vslash|White-ashx                    

4. Bom

5. CARBON                        

5. zaabi

7. DragonSlayerX                            

7. Vslash | Zantetsu

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SSB 4 Wii U Top 8

1. vSlash|Lord Snackington                         

2. 4Dx|eMASS                 

3. Prado                              

4. Kailex

5. CloudXZA                      

5. RS_ZanZa

7. Marche                          

7. ProtoKhalid  

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DBFZ Top 8

1. CAG | GO1                                    

2. CloudXZA                      

3. Ghafarinho|Majed                                    

4. salem

5. DF|BetaRayz                                

5. DviL

7. DF|Tyrant                                     

7. Feras ALShehhi           

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KOF ’98 Top 8

1. KOF2982                                        

2. DragonSlayerX            

3. DF                     

4. vSlash| Zantetsu        

5. Arslanic                                          

5. Smack down Live        

7. FLaMeOfNoVa                                            

7. Raju 


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KOF XIV NEOGEO World Tour Top 8

1. vSlash| Arslan Ash                                     

2. vSlash| WhiteAsh                      

3. DarkFellow                   

4. vSlash| Zantetsu                        

5. Arslanic                                          

5. T Howard                       

7. Alucard                           

7. Raju

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