Konami Debunks Presence of Malicious Patch That Disables P.T.

News // Konami // By pets_torrefranca // 04 November 2018

Konami Debunks Presence of Malicious Patch That Disables P.T.
Konami responds to the rumored killswitch patch for the Playable Teaser of the canceled Hideo Kojima Game Silent Hills. Originating from a Reddit post earlier this week, a rumored patch for the mentioned teaser was said to have been unleashed making the playable teaser unplayable. The act was said to have been another attempt to remove any trace of Hideo Kojima from Konami. This, however, has been debunked by Konami in a recent statement the company has provided to IGN (see quote below).
"After our investigation we can confirm that there have been no Konami or PlayStation Network(PSN) update that would have affected or prevent access to the game." 
This means that P.T. fans can put their worries to rest as it seems that there are no plans for any patch or update by either Konami nor PlayStation for the said teaser. Moving forward, video game enthusiast Yong Yea states that for precautionary measures, he himself disables the auto-update feature of his PS4 that contains the copy of Kojima's canceled game. This is due to Konami's history of removing any trace of connection of the iconic creator in their company. Check out his video below for more information and stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.   

"Yong Yea's Discussion on Rumored P.T. Patch"

Source: Yong Yea