Crossover From Dominican Republic Bags CPT LATAM Regional Finals

Tournament // Results // By pets_torrefranca // 04 November 2018

Crossover From Dominican Republic Bags CPT LATAM Regional Finals
OWL.SB|Crossover gets his very own golden ticket to this year's Capcom Cup after dominating the recently concluded LATAM Regional Finals in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The Dominican Republic Akuma specialist bulldozed his way towards the Grand Finals and eventually trashing Raptor|Pikoro's epic comeback from the loser's bracket in a 3-1 victory. Other finalists include Doomsnake on third and Brolynho on fourth place. 
SB|Crossover 2018 CPT LATAM Regional Champion
FUDOH|Haitani LATAM Regional Open Premier Champion
Aside from that, an open premier event was also held en masse with the event which was dominated by yet another Akuma specialist Fudoh|Haitani. Unlike Crossover, Haitani has managed to climbed his way back up from the loser's finals, executed a 3-0 reset against Mago and eventually winning the event in a 3-1 victory. Other finalist includes Zenith on third and Doomsnake on fourth place. Check out both Grand Finals match below for more information and stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.   

"CPT LATAM Regional Grand Finals"


LATAM Regional Finals Top 8
1. OWL.SB|Crossover
2. Raptor|Pikoro 
3. SonicBoxx|Doomsnake
4. Brolynho 
5. PauloWeb 
7. Keoma
7. AZE|Maximof (Rashid)


"CPT LATAM Premier Open Grand Finals" 


LATAM Open Premier Top 8
1. Fudoh|Haitani
2. Mago
4. SonicBoxx|Doomsnake
5. DNG|Itabashi Zangief 
7. Atlas Bear|stormKUBO
7. Robinho_FGC 


Source: Capcom Pro Tour, Capcom Fighters