Is it Too Late for a PUBG PS4 Port?

News // Playerunkown's Battlegrounds // By pets_torrefranca // 08 November 2018

Is it Too Late for a PUBG PS4 Port?
After all the assets and the Korean rating board leaks, it seems that last year's prediction pertaining to a PUBG PS4 version by the end of this year is right on track. Not only that, but new skins inspired by DC's Suicide Squad was also revealed earlier this week. But amidst the excitement and coverage PUBG has been basking into the past few days, PS4 fans, however, are not that hyped about the title being ported to the console. Some of whom state that the title has already spiraled-down in the past year, not to mention the poor quality of the game running on the most powerful console on the planet. Thus, the million dollar question remains; Is PUBG ready for the PlayStation 4? 
PUBG X Suicide Squad Collaboration Screenshot
Before answering that question, there are a few points that PUBG developers need to consider. Unlike Xbox, PlayStation fans are smothered or shall we say spoiled by Sony with multiple free-to-play Battle Royale titles. Some of which may even have way better features than what PUBG has to offer. H1Z1, for example, offers the same excitement and theme for free, or better yet the recently launched Warface that features tons of game modes that the player can exploit. Both of these titles are running decently on the PS4, and based on PUBG's performance on the Xbox One, PS4 players would probably think twice before paying for the game.  
H1Z1 Battle Royale logo
Nevertheless, it's still great to know that the title that popularized the "Battle Royale" genre will soon be coming to the PS4. It is also worth noting that without PUBG, there's no Fortnite and without Fortnite, Epic Games would still have the usual 30% cut from Unreal Engine asset sales instead of 12%. there's no denying that PUBG has made a significant impact in the gaming industry. But unless the developers have something big to unveil, the success of a PS4 version of PUBG will remain Unknown (no pun intended). Check out the PUBG x Suicide Squad collaboration trailer below and stay tuned for more gaming news and updates. 

"PUBG X Suicide Squad Collaboration Trailer"

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