KOFXIV Gets an Overhaul with Update 3.10

News // The King of Fighters XIV // By pets_torrefranca // 25 December 2018

KOFXIV Gets an Overhaul with Update 3.10
After seven long months of dormancy, KOFXIV is getting a huge overhaul with update version 3.10 that went live today. Included in the update are the usual bug fixes while a huge part of it is focused on character balance and changes. One of which is updated life values for each character and the 4-frames extension of the timing of the command input buffer at reversal except during recovery. Aside from those changes, a balanced move adjustment was made for each character in the roster. One example is Andy Bogard whose collision box was extended upward and the hitbox on the first hit has been extended upward. Another example is Billy Kane whose Active frames for his short/mid jump heavy punch was delayed by 2 frames (check out the complete patch below).
(Click on the image for a full view of the Patch notes)
KOFXIV Update 3.10 PAtch Notes

KOFXIV has been one of the main tournaments of the iconic Neo Geo World Tour which is now on its second season in combing the planet for the best KOF players. In relation to that, Check out the grand finals of the Dubai stop of the tournament below during the OUG Tournament 2018 below and stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.   

"NGWT Season 2 Dubai Stop Grand Finals"