PlayStation 4 Sales Getting Closer to Breaking Sony's Initial Estimate

News // PlayStation 4 // By pets_torrefranca // 03 January 2019

PlayStation 4 Sales Getting Closer to Breaking Sony
While the gaming community desperately anticipates news pertaining to the next PlayStation console, the PS4 is also making waves on its own. According to, to the latest sales update of Sony's 5-year console has already sold more than 90 million consoles worldwide. This was based on a Tweet from the senior gaming, tech, and media editor of Walmart Canada who goes by the name "The Hunter" on Twitter. 
Despite the fact that these sales figures were already predicted by Sony during their FY2017 Consolidated Financial Report in April of last year, it is still worth noting that the current console is hitting its target in terms of sales. Even better is if it will exceed the estimated 95 million units expectation set by Sony by March 2019. From the look of things, this feat is not farfetched given that Sony still has multiple AAA titles set to launch this year. Check out the 2018 PlayStation highlights below and Stay tuned for more gaming news and updates. 

"2018 PlayStation Highlights" 

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