More than 18,000 Overwatch Players Banned and Shamed in South Korea

News // Overwatch // By pets_torrefranca // 04 January 2019

More than 18,000 Overwatch Players Banned and Shamed in South Korea
Blizzard could be well on its way to set a new world record in 2019 as the South Korean branch has said to have banned, punished, and suspended a total of 18,188 Overwatch players as of January 2. The worst part is that the usernames of these players were publicly posted in the game's forum for everyone to see. Dot Esports who first got hold of the information states that there were sanctions for having "Toxic" behavior. Examples of which include throwing games, going AFK, bad language, and harassment which is a bit awkward in a game that's focused on competitive violence. 
Do take note that Blizzard is taking this campaign seriously and has even gone to the lengths of stalking the player's social media accounts to see if the player is displaying toxic behavior in Social Media. These methods in fairness to the players seems a bit harsh and are definitely prone to abuse by some who can't take a simple trash-talk. with that said, we do not condone abusive players but trash talk from time to time is one of the better ways to release some stress.         
In a game that is focused on competitive killing or elimination between two teams, being polite could be one of the least expected things to happen between players. But that is actually what Blizzard wants its community to do, as the company going as far as shaming members of its community just to prove a point. After all, most of these players may have been overwhelmed with excitement or frustration which is a common occurrence in games like Overwatch. Nevertheless, Blizzard could be going a little bit too far with these methods.  Stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.