Arika Adds Event Mode to Fighting EX Layer

News // Arika // By pets_torrefranca // 10 January 2019

Arika Adds Event Mode to Fighting EX Layer
A new update for Arika's Fighting EX Layer is scheduled to go live today for the PlayStation 4, Steam, and Arcade version of the game. This is in line with the continuous support by the independent studio to their Gougi-based game. Included in update 1.1.3 are a couple of game changes like the adjustment for "some hit system parameters" which will be exclusive to both PS4 and Steam version of the game. The Arcade version, on the other hand, will be getting a new feature called event mode which from the looks of it will also be coming to the PS4 and Steam version of the game at a later date. 
[Ver 1.1.3 Changes]
System Changes
  • Event Mode added (Arcade version only)
  • When using NESiCA, your last played character will be saved (Arcade version only)
  • After losing in Versus, a CPU battle will begin (Arcade version only)
  • The Online Matching has been improved for times when the connection is poor (PS4 version only)
Game Changes
  • Teleport has been changed
  • No longer can appear in mid-air
  • The startup motion for the Teleport has been slightly extended
  • You are unable to block for 1F directly after appearing from the Teleport
  • Allen’s Expert Challenge #16 has been changed (PS4, Steam version only)
  • Some parameters for the Hit System have been adjusted (This makes the PS4 version and Steam version identical)
<Comment from the Developers>
  • After releasing Ver1.1.1, many users voiced the opinion that “It’s too hard to react to Teleport ground version and air version.”
  • Now, many players choose to just back-jump to avoid this, and we find ourselves thinking, “Hasn’t this made the mindgames less interesting?”
  • It’s a very selfish decision on our part, but we decided to remove the ability of Teleport to appear in mid-air. 
  • At the same time, there was also the problem of it being difficult to react to due to the presence of Network Lag, so in order to make it more fair to the players we have slightly increased the startup of Teleport as well as added a small punishable window to its recovery.
  • Here at ARIKA, we will continue developing on the edge between “Fun” and “Broken”, so please kindly watch over us.   
Do take note that the game will be getting two new undisclosed characters for free and a premium DLC character. One character will go live by the end of March while the other two characters will go live by the end of May. Stay tuned for more gaming news and updates. 

Source: Arika