Topanga SFVAE Season 4 Tier List Retains Birdie on Top

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Topanga SFVAE Season 4 Tier List Retains Birdie on Top
As a follow-up to the previously unveiled SFVAE Season 4 character tier list by Razer's Xian, another list was also unveiled a couple of days ago by Japan's prestigious eSports group Topanga. Compared to Xian's list, Topanga's list shows that Birdie still remains part of the top tier characters with M.Bison climbing up a notch from his S tier in Xian's to SS in Topanga. The list may not include all the characters in the game but at least we get to have an overview of the hierarchy, thanks to HiFight who translated the info.
Topanga SFVAE Season 4 Character Tier List 
- Birdie Akuma Ibuki Rashid Dictator
- Gief Cammy
- Zeku Karin Urien Necalli Abi Menat Kolin Mika Guile Ken
- Sagat Juri Boxer Sakura Falke Dhalsim Chun FANG
- Nash Ryu Alex Blanka Claw Ed Laura G
- Cody Kage
Do take note that tier lists are based entirely on the experience of its creator and are not a piece of official information from Capcom. The purpose of which is to compare the various changes that occur after a major update. So for those who have their own list, feel free to compare yours with the current one and stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.

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Source: HiFight, Street Fighter