UAE eSports Executive and Advisory Team Focused on Making it Big in 2019

News // Middle East // Esports // By pets_torrefranca // 26 August 2019

UAE eSports Executive and Advisory Team Focused on Making it Big in 2019
In line with the ever-growing popularity of eSports in the UAE, Sheikh Sultan bin Khalifa bin Shakhbout Al Nahyan, Chairman of the Electronic Sports Association, in a recently concluded regular meeting of the Board at the General Authority for Sports together with the General Counselor Saeed Ali Al-Taher, the Board members, Yousuf Ahmad Basilib, Saud Abdullah bin Sahim Al Muhairi, And Ali Marzouki, Director of the technical staff. Has decided to establish an Executive Office of the Assembly. Aside from that, Sheikh Sultan also praised the society for spreading awareness pertaining to the dangers involved in playing video games. This is great news for all aspiring UAE talents who want to make a career in eSports in both local and international scene. The best part of this recent development is that 4 members of the advisory board pioneered the eSports scene here in Dubai and has over the years strived to create the foundation of eSports in the UAE. 
"from 2019 our aim is to improve and elevate UAE eSports to number 1, conduct thorough research in order to provide opportunities to all those who aspire to become part of this ever-growing industry and to promote tolerance in the sport." - Mohammed Mubarak Founder of OUG and Member eSports Executive and Advisory Board   
The four pioneers or the four fathers of eSports who are now part of the advisory team includes OUG Founder Mohammed Mubarak, Lvlup Game Lounge Founder  Abdulrahman Al Khaja, VSlash Founder Mohammed Al-Banna, and Hamed Salah Al Zarouni long-time member of UAE Smashers. So for those who want to become the next champion or wants to enter the UAE eSports scene, start practicing now because 2019 is going to be a big year for eSports. stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.       

Source: Albayan A.E.