First Patch for PUBG Mobile X Resident Evil 2 Collaboration Live Now!

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First Patch for PUBG Mobile X Resident Evil 2 Collaboration Live Now!
Great news for those who are anticipating the launch of the PUBG Mobile X Resident Evil 2 Collaboration update, as the first stage of what could be a staggard delivery of patches recently went live along with the Royale Pass Season 5 update. For those who are curious as to which part of the update is related to the collaboration, that would be the "Duos Event" as per the tweet posted in the official PUBG Mobile Twitter page. 
PUBG MOBILE 0.10.5 Full patch notes:
What’s New
  • Added Mk47, which can be found in Erangel, Miramar, and Sanhok. It fires 7.62mm rounds and has two firing modes.
  • Added Laser Sight, a lower rail attachment that reduces spread when firing from the hip. Can be found in all maps.
  • Vikendi is now available as a map when creating rooms.
  • The "Classic" voice is back! You can find it in Settings after the update.
  • Spawn Island announcements can now be enabled or disabled in Settings.
  • Royale Pass Season 5 is here! Premium outfits and taunting emotes are available as rewards. There will also be server-wide Pass upgrade events.
  • Ranked Mode Season 5 is also here! Tiers are adjusted and new rewards are added.
Other Improvements
  • Vikendi's resource refresh (type and quantity) has been tuned.
  • Model for Swimmer Sandals has been updated.
  • Share For Deals is back after some tuning.
  • Clan benefit sharing has been tuned.
But where are the zombies? Well as mentioned before, this is but a taste of what's to come later this month which is the full release of the infamous collaboration. This means that there's a huge probability that the update will go live along with the official launch of Capcom's highly anticipated remake. In the meantime check out the Royale Pass Season 5 Update trailer below and stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.

"PUBG Mobile Royal Pass Season 5 Trailer"

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