Last Member of Echo Fox's Street Fighter Dream Team Secedes from the Organization

News // Esports // By pets_torrefranca // 01 February 2019

Last Member of Echo Fox
Hajime Taniguchi, known to the FGC as Tokido has severed ties with Echo Fox after two years. Tokido in a tweet (see below) announced that the non-renewal of his contract was the main reason for his departure thanking the team for the experience. In relation to that, Echo Fox President Jared Jeffries thru ESPN states that "We both worked very hard to get a new contract, In the end, it just didn't work out." In addition to that, Khalid Jones co-owner of Echo Fox also put in some good words about the players stating that "Tokido was a true professional and represented the organization not just with victories but with class and dignity." Tokido is the last Street Fighter of Echo Fox and him leaving the organization means that we won't be seeing the Echo Fox banner in this year's season of Capcom Pro Tour. 
In 2017, Echo Fox rounded up some of the best fighting game specialists from across the globe. Among those were ChocoBlanka (Yuko Momochi), JWongg (Justin Wong), Momochi (Yasuke Momochi) and Hajime Taniguchi better known as Tokido who later will form what was dubbed as the Echo Fox Street Fighter Dream Team. In a span of two years, the Echo Fox has become a dominant team in the prestigious Capcom Pro Tour by winning some of the biggest tournaments in the FGC. However, it was Tokido who made Echo Fox a household name in the Street Fighter professional scene after winning that year's EVO and placing second in Capcom Cup. Check out Echo Fox's behind the scenes featurette for last year's Capcom Cup and Stay tuned for more gaming news and updates. 

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Source: ESPN, Echo Fox