FFXIV Stormbringers Gunbreaker Job Featured in Latest Trailer

News // Final Fantasy XIV // By pets_torrefranca // 03 February 2019

FFXIV Stormbringers Gunbreaker Job Featured in Latest Trailer
Square Enix recently unleashed new details pertaining to the upcoming expansion of the highly acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV. Part of the Stormbringers highlights includes the new race called the Viera and the Gunbreaker Job. For those who are new to the series, the Viera has been a part of the Final Fantasy series since Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. They are also part of the Final Fantasy XII lore and was referred to as the "People of the Wood."
Gunbreaker Job Screenshot
The new Gunbreaker Job, on the other hand, features a character equipped with a Gunblade similar to the main protagonist of FFVIII's main protagonist Squall Leonhart. Gunblades, as the name suggests, is a unique combination of gun and sword. some of the most notable gunblade in the series includes the Punishment, Twin Lance, Revolver, and the Lion Heart which is considered to be the finest of the lot. 
Shadowbringers Trailer Screenshot
In addition to that, videos featuring two new areas called II Mheg and The Rat'tika Greatwood were shared during the FFXIV Fan Festival in Paris, France. Wrapping everything up is a four-minute cinematic trailer for the upcoming expansion. Final Fantasy XIV: Stormbringers is scheduled to launch on July 2, 2019, for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Mac.  Check out all the videos below and stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.

"FFXIV Stormbringers Gunbreaker Job Reveal"

"FFXIV Stormbringers The Viera"

"FFXIV Stormbringers The Rat'tika Greatwood"

"FFXIV Stormbringers II Mheg"

"FFXIV Stormbringers Teaser Trailer"

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