Momochi Wins SFVAE EVO Japan 2019 Tournament

Tournament // Results // EVO // By pets_torrefranca // 18 February 2019

Momochi Wins SFVAE EVO Japan 2019 Tournament
Former Echo Fox (now with Victrix Pro) Japanese Street Fighter V specialist Momochi becomes the second SFVAE EVO Japan Champion after successfully suppressing the Fuudo's comeback from the Loser's bracket. Momochi with his main Zeku and Kolin was able to bulldoze their way up to the grand finals with ease eliminating every challenger who stands in their way. On the other side, however, Fuudo along with his Birdie and R.Mika mains was also doing the same ever since he was sent to the Loser's Bracket by Nishkin. Fuudo's thirst for victory led him to climb back up to the grand finals and reset the bracket. Momochi, on the other hand, was not going to give up that easily, thus the second set became a battle of strategy and skills which resulted in Momochi as the victor. 
SFVAE EVO Japan 2019 Champion Momochi
Compared to last year, the number of entrants to EVO Japan 2019 is down to more than 50%. Despite the decline, the event was able to produce some of the best fights of the year so far. One of which is newcomer VSlash|Arslan Ash's victory against long-time professional player AK in Tekken 7. Check out the Grand Finals below and stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.        

"EVO Japan 2019 SFVAE Grand Finals"


EVO Japan 2019 SFVAE Top 8
1. Victrix|Momochi
2. CYG|Fuudo
3. Powell
4. REC|Punk
5. Yoshimoto|Jyobin
5. Liquid|Nemo
7. UYU|OilKing
7. Crusher


Source: evo2kvids, Challonge   Image from Twitter