World Esports League Announced Tournament for Tekken 7

Tournament // News // Esports // By pets_torrefranca // 25 February 2019

World Esports League Announced Tournament for Tekken 7
A new tournament for Bandai Namco's highly acclaimed Tekken 7 was announced recently by the Italian-based World Esports League. Aside from having a whopping 50,000 euro prize pool in the finals, the upcoming tournament will follow an online elimination structure that will cover Europe, Asia, America, and Oceania. Interested parties are required to shell out 10 euros in order to participate in the online single-elimination bracket beginning March 11, 2019. 
World ESports League Tekken 7 Tournament Announcement
To make it more enticing, the finals will be held in the beautiful and luxurious island of Capri situated in Italy's Bay of Naples. Aside from that, the first place winner will take home € 13,125.00 (approx. 14,885.76 USD), 2nd place will have € 10,625.00 (approx. 12050.38 USD) while 3rd place winner will get € 5,625.00 (approx. 6,379.61 USD) which is double the price of the 2018 Tekken World Tour Finals. Registration is currently live through this LINK. While the complete rules and regulations can be viewed through this LINK. Stay tuned for more gaming news and updates. 

Source: World Esports League