Anthem Launching at Number 1 in UK Sales Chart is not Impressive

News // Anthem // Jump Force // By pets_torrefranca // 25 February 2019

Anthem Launching at Number 1 in UK Sales Chart is not Impressive
EA's third-person Exosuit-based ARPG online multiplayer Anthem recently launched on top of UK's top 40 video game sales chart. However, this recent feat does not show a positive sign for the game moving forward. This is due to the fact that Anthem only managed to accumulate half of Mass Effect Andromeda's launch week sales which in turn is only half of the launch week sales of Mass Effect 3, as per Eurogamer's comparison using the available data (Physical Sales only, does not include digital). 
Anthem PS4
Interestingly enough, the game was also compared to the week 1 physical sales of Destiny 2 which is also an online multiplayer game. Even though the figures were not mentioned, Eurogamer states that the game sold "roughly a quarter" of the physical sales accumulated by Destiny 2. 
Jump Force Poster
In other news, Jump Force which launched at number 4 is now down to number 17, Far Cry New Dawn which launched at number 1 is at number 2, while Metro Exodus is now at number 5 which is down three notches from its number 2 launch week spot. Check out the launch trailer of Anthem below and stay tuned for more gaming news and updates. 

"Anthem Launch Trailer"

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