What Critics are Saying About Dead or Alive 6

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What Critics are Saying About Dead or Alive 6
Team Ninja's cool and mature approach to the iconic Dead or Alive series has finally been unleashed into the gaming populace. Revealed in June of last year, Dead or Alive 6 promises to focus more on combat rather than the aesthetics feature of the game. With Team Ninja aiming to make the latest entry an eSports title, fans have been anticipating if the game can really live up to its promise. With that said, let's take a quick look at what some of the gaming industry's critics have to say about the game. 
Dead or Alive 6 has a great fighting system and a bunch of small extras that enhance the experience. Is it better than Dead or Alive 5? That's harder to determine. As it stands this is an awesome fighting game, but the character roster feels a bit light and the story is predictably rubbish. WCCFtech 8/10
Dead or Alive 6 is currently getting a decent score from the first wave of critics who were able to dissect the game. It currently has a Metascore (PS4) of 76 made up of 24 positive and 11 mixed response from 35 critics. Most of the game's accolades point to its solid core gameplay mechanics, however, it seems that the game's focus on two narratives is not to everyone's liking. Another thing that was pointed out is that the latest entry comes short in terms of characters compared to its predecessor.
Dead or Alive 6 doesn’t make any drastic deviations from the previous titles but adds just enough new features to feel fresh and exciting. The changes that were implemented in the training mode help make what is traditionally one of the most boring game modes enjoyable and helps a lot with mastering the fighting mechanics. - Hardcore Gamer 4/5  
All in all, Dead or Alive 6 is perfect for those who are interested to jump on the series. The game has been integrated with a lot of game modes that are obviously designed to help newcomers in the series. Though this may be the case, veteran players need not worry as the game was able to retain its signature core skill-based gameplay that is both challenging and satisfying. Dead or Alive 6 is now available for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Check out the launch trailer for the game below and stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.   

"Dead or Alive 6 Launch Trailer"

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