Days Gone Hands-On Preview Impressed Most Critics

News // Days Gone // By pets_torrefranca // 09 March 2019

Days Gone Hands-On Preview Impressed Most Critics
There is no doubt that Days Gone is going to be one of the best video game titles of the year. In fact, as early as now, some of the video game industry's most trusted critics were impressed by the game when Sony Bend gave them the chance to preview the game. As to most video game critics and journalists, Days Gone as a whole is a well-made brilliantly written action-packed adventure that every PlayStation 4 fans should be excited about. 
"Usually you have to choose great open-world mechanics, satisfying story, or decent combat, but it feels like Bend Studio is taking strides to give us a bit of all three, and throw some pretty trees on top." Gamesradar+
"Days Gone has all the characteristics of a top-tier PS4-exclusive, with its movie-quality presentation, engaging characters and beautifully-realised open world setting." TechRadar
"As I play through, I find myself engrossed and impressed. I’ve pretty much forgotten that I came to this media event expecting to be disappointed. Days Gone is one to watch. It’s out for PlayStation 4 on April 26. I really didn’t think I was going to say this, but I’m looking forward to it" Polygon
"But here’s the thing – I played for four hours straight, and never got bored. If the preview event hadn’t ended, I would have been quite happy to keep going." Vg247
"After the three hours we spent with the game, it became clear that Days Gone is going to be worth the extra wait we've had to endure. It looks like we're dealing with another strong PlayStation exclusive." Gamereactor
As impressive as those quotes may be, each of those articles provides a clear and unbiased description of their hands-on experience. Interestingly enough, the game also managed to expose the bias of some (see quote below). 
"While I’ll admit that I initially rolled my eyes at yet another Gruff White Male Protagonist™ in a grim world - especially one with such a Gruff White Male Protagonist™-ey name as Deacon St. John - I ended up getting far more invested than I’d initially expected." IGN
Days Gone is an interesting take on the Zombies genre, similar to other titles that are now jumping into the Battle Royale bandwagon, it aims to stand out from other zombie-inspired videogames. From the looks of it, Sony Bend has been successful in creating a memorable character with a memorable name. After all, the game managed to make someone who rolls their eyes at "white male protagonist!" get invested at Deacon St. John. Check out the preview accolades for the game below and stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.

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