First Look: Google Stadia

News // Stadia // By pets_torrefranca // 21 March 2019

First Look: Google Stadia
Previously rumored video game streaming device from Google was finally revealed at GDC 2019. What was previously known as codename Yeti/Project stream was revealed as Stadia. As the name suggests, Stadia is a multi-platform cloud-based video game streaming service which to some is what next-gen gaming looks like, others see this as a console killer. Stadia eliminates the need for a box and only requires a wifi connected controller. Stadia is currently getting a positive reception from those who were able to test the service.  
Stadia Specs
  • Custom 2.7GHz hyper-threaded x86 CPU with AVX2 SIMD and 9.5MB L2+L3 cache
  • Custom AMD GPU with HBM2 memory and 56 compute units, capable of 10.7 teraflops
  • 16GB of RAM with up to 484GB/s of performance
  • SSD cloud storage
Eurogamer in one of their articles states that Stadia feels very close to the local experience. It was also mentioned that the service is expected to produce a 1080p streaming on a 25mbps bandwidth and 720p60 on 15mbps. For the most part, Cloud-based gaming is not an entirely new concept, PlayStation Now is one example of this service. Google, however, from the looks of it, has the best version of this service. Stadia is expected to launch in North America, Canada, Western Europe, and the UK by the end of 2019. Check out the video below and stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.  

"Google Stadia Introduction Video"

Source: Eurogamer, Stadia