New Samurai Shodown Trailer and Gameplay Unveiled

News // Samurai Spirits - Samurai Shodown // By pets_torrefranca // 26 March 2019

New Samurai Shodown Trailer and Gameplay Unveiled
A new PAX East trailer for the SNK's upcoming reboot of their weapon-based fighting game Samurai Shodown was unveiled recently featuring previously confirmed characters along with some new ones. A glimpse of classic Samurai Shodown characters like Shiki, Yoshitora Tokugawa, Kyoshiro Senryo, Hanzo, Ukyo Tachibana and Tam Tam was part of the trailer's highlights.   
Samurai Shodown PAX East Trailer Screenshot
In addition to the trailer, Gematsu also shared 44 minutes of PS4 PRO gameplay of the demo version of the upcoming game. As far as details and gameplay goes, this is definitely going to be the best entry into SNKs iconic series. The game will launch with a roster of 16 characters of which 13 are returning (Charlotte, Earthquake, Galford, Genjuro, Hanzo, Haohmaru, Jubei, Kyoshiro, Nakoruru, Shiki, Tam Tam, Ukyo, and Yoshitora). Yasuki Oda also states that they are "interested" in featuring a guest character in the game and that all "super moves will have the same inputs for each character."
Samurai Shodown Gameplay Screenshot
Samurai Shodown is scheduled to launch sometime in June and will be playable at PAX East 2019. For those who will not be able to attend the expo, consider the footage as a preview on the upcoming game. Check out the trailers along with some screenshots below and stay tuned for more gaming news and updates. 

"Samurai Shodown PAX East Trailer" 

"Samurai Shodown PS4 PRO Gameplay Footage"

Source: NeoGeoNow, Gematsu