New Hori Arcade Stick Pro VLX Model

News // Arcade Stick // By pets_torrefranca // 03 January 2016

New Hori Arcade Stick Pro VLX Model

Hori will be releasing a new Stick that is coming in February 2016. This Hori stick will be compatible with PS3 and PS4. Hori VLX model is better than the old version of Hori stick. The previous version had a Kuro buttons while the new one will be having a Falcon buttons which feature gloss finish, smoother and more comfortable while pressing.


Check out the general spec of VLX Model:

  • Hayabusa lever.
  • Falcon buttons.
  • Next generation console.
  • Body color: Red & black with a metallic control panel.

New Hori stick is not planned yet for releasing in other countries, as for now it will be released in Japan 18th of February 2016 and it will be available in PlayAsia store for Pre-Order click here with the price of US$ 235. 

Sources: PlayAsia, via Iplaywinner