The Biggest Patch for Dragon Ball FighterZ Goes Live

Guides // Dragon Ball FighterZ // By pets_torrefranca // 29 March 2019

The Biggest Patch for Dragon Ball FighterZ Goes Live
Bandai Namco has recently unleashed one of the biggest patches for the highly acclaimed manga-inspired fighting game Dragon Ball FighterZ. Huge in the sense that the update brings a "tier-list changing" character balance adjustments. For those new to the fighting game genre, balance adjustments are unleashed by the developers from time to time to ensure that the game remains fresh. This huge gameplay and character balance adjustments ensure that the game remains challenging and fresh. With that said, Update 1.15 buffed and nerfed some of the character's moves.
(Click on the image to view the complete Patch Notes PDF)
Dragon Ball FighterZ Patch Notes
With that said, Super Saiyan Goku's Dragon Flash Fist along with his other moveset got buffed. Piccolo on the other hand, also got some buffs, however, unlike Super Saiyan Goku, the damage for his medium Demon Slicer attack was decreased. Frieza along with the rest of the crew also received a couple of buffs and nerfs (click on the image above to view the complete patch notes). Stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.         

Source: Bandai Namco