The Next PlayStation Console will be More Than Just an Upgrade

News // Sony // Consoles // By pets_torrefranca // 17 April 2019

The Next PlayStation Console will be More Than Just an Upgrade

Revealed by the Architect himself are some of the notable specs of the next PlayStation console. After years of speculation, Mark Cerny has provided some of the juicy details of the upcoming console in an exclusive interview with Wired. For starters, it was made clear during the interview that the console won't be launching this year. Nevertheless, Sony's next console is definitely going to be worth the wait.


Next PlayStation/PlayStation 5 Specs
  • 8K Support
  • Ray Tracing
  • SSD
  • PSVR Compatible 
  • 3D Audio
  • PS4 Backwards Compatibility


As impressive as it may sound, those are an overview of some of what the next console will feature. Performance wise, Mark Cerny also made a comparison between the PlayStation 4 Pro and the devkit (described as a low-speed version) of the next PlayStation console, to which Mark Cerny demonstrated that what usually takes 15 seconds to load on a PRO takes only 0.8 seconds on the upcoming console. As a bonus, Death Stranding which is expected to launch on the PlayStation 4 is also speculated to have a version specially developed for the upcoming console. Stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.

Source: Wired