What Critics Are Saying About World War Z

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What Critics Are Saying About World War Z
Focus Home and Saber Interactive's entry to the zombie genre of games has finally been unleashed last April 16. World War Z follows the Left 4 Dead tradition wherein players can play along with their friends against hordes of the undead. Inspired by the motion picture version, the video game promises to tell an original story complete with new characters set in familiar locations. To spice things up, it also promises the signature fast-moving hordes seen in the movie. With that said, let's take a quick look at what some of the critics have to say about the game. 
"World War Z is a surprisingly fresh take on the well-trodden Left 4 Dead formula. While a bit rough around the edges and nowhere near as groundbreaking as Valve’s series, World War Z is a confident co-op shooter that turns the intensity to 11 without being overwhelming or obnoxious. If you think you’ve got the stamina, this war is worth enlisting for." WCCFTECH 7.5/10
World War Z currently has a Metascore of 64 for the PS4 based on 6 critics and 75 on the PC based on 5 critics. In terms of playability and combat mechanics, some critics state that the game is not as good as Left 4 Dead, however, the game is fun nonetheless. Most of the game's faults come from connectivity, visual issues, and content. 
Is World War Z as good as Left 4 Dead? No. Is it fun despite that? Yes. There's few pleasures in gaming that can compare to swinging a thrumming chainsaw blade through a horde of ravenous undead, and World War Z delivers. And really, it's not like Valve makes games anymore. Destructoid 7.5/10
World War Z despite its numerous faults and lapses is still a fun game to have especially for its $39.99 console and $34.99 PC price. The game may not be as amazing as the iconic Left 4 Dead but it still delivers a unique challenge and zombie hordes. Check out the launch trailer for the game below and stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.

"World War Z Launch Trailer"

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