Razer Raiju Gaming Controller Preview

News // Arcade Stick // By pets_torrefranca // 29 October 2016

Razer Raiju Gaming Controller Preview

We’re usually covering new Arcade Sticks on the site when it comes to gaming peripherals but pad users needn’t feel left out. It seems like Razer’s come out with a stylish new design for PS4 pad players to take their game to the next level.

The design is quite obviously inspired by the Xbox One pad design so those who find some affinity with that controller should feel right at home with this one.

While no information has been officially specified by the company, the pad is definitely a unique one featuring additional trigger buttons beneath the controller. We’re not entirely sure what sort of functionality this will serve but it’s definitely gotten us curious.

If you want to be notified of the controller's release you can click the link at the source below. For now, you can check out these screenshots taken from Razer’s website.


Source: Razer Zone