SFV Character Arcade Buttons

News // Arcade Stick // By pets_torrefranca // 02 November 2016

SFV Character Arcade Buttons

Arcade stick junkies have something to celebrate about since Arcade Shock have just released all new buttons that look simply phenomenal.

The buttons are high-quality Sanwa Denshi and serious stick players know that Sanwa never skimps on the quality of their buttons.

Christened Street Fighter V x Sanwa Denshi Character PUSHBUTTON (OBSF30 – SFV – XX), these buttons are surely one of a kind. They feature exclusive artwork created by the highly talented Motoki Yoshihara and colored by equally adept Danimation.

The entire cast has been illustrated and printed onto individual buttons and they look nothing short of epic, to say the least.

To expand on the specifications, the buttons come in both full color and monochromatic schemes. They’re printed at very high quality, with a clear coat to be able to preserve the artwork for many years. Moreover, the image is actually printed on the button cap and is not a sticker. Upon purchase, you will receive the full pushbutton (body and plunger).

The only drawback could be that each button has to be purchased at individual prices and at $12.50 each, you can’t exactly consider these cheap purchases. However, the artwork and quality of print alone make the buy worth it.

You can check out images of the buttons below and click here to get the details for buying and shipping respectively.


Source: Arcade Shock Twitter, Arcade Shock