Audience Participation (An Overview of Sony and ESL's new Partnership)

Tournament // News // By pets_torrefranca // 21 October 2016

Audience Participation (An Overview of Sony and ESL

Announced earlier today by PlaystationLifestyle and the Playstation.Blog is the launch of the new tournament feature of Sony's PS4 console which will host to tournaments organized by ESL, the feature is gonna be proactive in alerting the player about tournament schedules which is not only important but a necessity during tournaments.

NBA 2K17 is gonna be the very first game to use the feature which will run from October 27 up to November 26 with Major Cup rounds each Saturday, Mortal Kombat X together with Project Cars will receive tournament schedules in the future, ESL's Marcel Menge states that "we’re going to host hundreds of weekly tournaments for players from any corner of the world. Anyone who wants to try their hand at competitive gaming, can now easily do so across a wide variety of titles." 

Requirements includes the following;

- A copy of the Game

- Playstation Plus membership

- A linked ESL account

- Strong internet connection

Online tournaments are one of gaming industry's greatest innovation due to its wide coverage, however, a live tournament event, expo's, gatherings and conventions are still going to produce the best experience when it comes to competitions, not unless the player owns an audience machine and about 1000 life-size action figures watching, but then that's gonna be weird... really weird...

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