Knee Bags First TWT Win at Combobreaker 2019

Tournament // Results // Tekken 7 // By pets_torrefranca // 28 May 2019

Knee Bags First TWT Win at Combobreaker 2019
South Korean Tekken specialist Knee bags his first 2019 Tekken World Tour Master after plowing through some of the best players at ComboBreaker 2019. Just like his previous wins, the Rox Dragons athlete needed to climb his way up from the losers finals after losing to TWT 2018 Champ Rangchu during the top 24 round. What followed is the classic Knee comeback eliminating Rickstah, LowHigh, TWT 2018 champ Rangchu, EVO 2018 Champ LowHigh, his rival JDCR, before finally facing off with Anakin who currently holds the top spot in TWT 2019 Global Leaderboard. 
Knee at ComboBreaker 2019
Other notable wins in ComboBreaker includes Punk for Street Fighter V, GO1 for Dragon Ball FighterZ, and Maister Mr. Game & Watch for Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Check out the full top 8 matches below and stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.

"ComboBreaker TWT Master Event Top 8"

CB2019 TWT Top 8  
1. ROX|Knee
2. RB|Anakin
3. Tasty|Rangchu
5. ROX|Chanel
5. UYU|LowHigh
7. Princess Ling
7. Rickstah


Source: HobbyGamer  Knee Image Courtesy of RoxGaming