Mario Alonso (Roo Kang) the Champ

Tournament // Results // By pets_torrefranca // 27 July 2015

Mario Alonso (Roo Kang) the Champ

Rook Kang a player from the UK had the chance to participate in the Tekken tournament during his vacation in Dubai. He had a wonderful experience sharing his thoughts during the interview after winning the tournament he said "Very great event...lovely time here and the level was very high here in Dubai, a lot of potential players rising up like the scene starting to growing up, So continue doing this...amazing event, everything ran on time...very good tournament and I'm very happy".


"Well what can I say, I had an amazing time in Dubai And to top things of , there was a Tekken tournament during the same week.He also shared his experience and thoughts through facebook, he wrote the following.

I had such a great time. Everyone at the venue was really friendly and made me feel as comfortable as possible. The HD Projector looked amazing and the tournament also run on time. The event was really well run so huge congratulations to the organizers of the event

The generosity of the guys in Dubai was Amazing. They dropped my family off first to the airport and later that evening dropped me off as well.

All the Tekken players have great potential and I was very impressed with the high-level Mishima/Jin players.

there are too many names to mention. every single one of you contributed to my wonderful experience and I thank you very much for inviting me to smile emoticon

I am 100% sure that OUGAMING will be extremely successful and I am glad to be have been a part of the First ever tournament.

This is what the Tekken community is about.

I cannot wait till my next visit grin emoticon.

Roo Kang".

Thanks a lot, Mario (Roo Kang) for attending the tournament and everyone is thanking you for being with us and adding a wonderful experience. See you in next coming tournament.