Latest Samurai Shodown Gameplay Trailer Features Tam Tam

News // Samurai Spirits - Samurai Shodown // By pets_torrefranca // 08 June 2019

Latest Samurai Shodown Gameplay Trailer Features Tam Tam
SNK has unveiled another character gameplay trailer for their upcoming weapon-based fighting game Samurai Shodown. The character in focus this time is the fire-breathing Warrior of Quetzalcoatl also known as Tam Tam. wielding a scimitar-like weapon known as the  "Blade That Cuts Through The Darkness," this warrior from Green Hell was part of the original Samurai Shodown cast. Unfortunately, Tam Tam was dropped from the roster and it was not until Samurai Shodown IV before this highly sought out character became playable again. 
Tam Tam Samurai Shodown Trailer Screenshot
Tam Tam comes with a unique fighting style which bears resemblance to that of Street Fighter's Blanka. Due to the fact that both characters remain in a crouch position most of the time during combat. Check out some the trailer along with some screenshots below and stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.

"Samurai Shgdown Tam Tam Trailer"

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