Samurai Shodown Kyoshiro Trailer and Hanzo Story Mode Preview Unveiled

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Samurai Shodown Kyoshiro Trailer and Hanzo Story Mode Preview Unveiled
In less than a week, SNK's weapon-based fighting game Samurai Shodown will be making its way to both retail and digital stores across the globe. In line with that, various details pertaining to the game are making its way to social media and streaming platforms. One of which is the character trailer that features Kyoshiro Senryo and the other is a sneak peek on Hanzo Hattori's story mode. With that said let's take a quick look at Kyoshiro's trailer first. 
Kyoshiro trailer screenshot
Kyoshiro Senryo is part of the original Samurai Shodown roster and has been part of each installment. His fighting style is heavily based on the Japanese dance-drama called Kabuki of which he is also a master. His weapon of choice is a Naginata whose name Sewa Nyōbō translates to "caring wife." Kyoshiro is a mid-range character who also comes with powerful close range attacks. 
Hanzo Story Mode Screenshot
Moving forward, a preview of Hanzo Hattori's story was shared by NeoGeoNow. The nine-minute video showcased Hanzo along with his quest in a gorgeous hand-drawn presentation. It may not be that much of a presentation but it clearly explains the character's quest/mission. check out both videos below and stay tuned for more gaming news and updates


"Samurai Shodown Kyoshiro Trailer"

"Samurai Shodown Hanzo Story Mode Gameplay"

Source: PlayStation, NeoGeoNow