What Critics Are Saying About Samurai Shodown

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What Critics Are Saying About Samurai Shodown
Ever since the official announcement in September of last year, SNKs reimagined version of their weapon-based fighting game Samurai Shodown has evolved to one of the most anticipated fighting game of 2019. After all, it has been almost a decade since the last installment made its way to the PlayStation 2 console and PSP.
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The reason for the hype surrounding this fighting game is not just due to its long absence in the fighting game genre. From the looks of it, SNK has passionately reimagined this version to become not only the best installment in the iconic series to date but to represent the entirety of the 26-year old franchise. With that said, let's take a look at what the critics are saying about the upcoming game. 
"SNK's iconic series makes its return in this reboot that's short on features but rich in systems."  - Eurogamer -Recommended
Samurai Shodown is currently basking through the accolades from the video game industry's top critics. As of writing, Samurai Shodown currently has a top critic average of 80 which is equivalent to "Strong" Open Critic score. Most of the game's accolades point to the well-polished gameplay structure and the skill-based mechanics. 
"Impressive effort with a few noticeable problems holding it back. Won't astound everyone, but is worth your time and cash." Destructoid 8/10
For the most part, the new design of Samurai Shodown leans heavily on the competitive/technical side rather than flashy aesthetics and over the top movesets. Characters in the game are as diverse as they come, each of whom comes with their own unique fighting style. Mastery of certain character is not enough to win a match, however,  a brief understanding of what your opponent is capable of, is definitely a plus.      
"This beautiful game feels like the warrior returned, his blade sharpened and polished to an impossible sheen." - The Escapist 9/10
Winning a match in this game is not measured by luck, it is in fact, achieved through careful execution of well-timed attacks. It's about deception, tactical prowess, careful planning, solid defensive stance, understanding your opponent, observation, and patience. In conclusion, Samurai Shodown is definitely the best version to bring the iconic franchise to the competitive scene. Check out the video review from NeoGeoNow for additional info and stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.     

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