Striking Distance to Develop a Narrative Experience for PUBG

News // Playerunkown's Battlegrounds // By pets_torrefranca // 27 June 2019

Striking Distance to Develop a Narrative Experience for PUBG
PUBG Corporation recently unveiled a new development studio called Striking Distance situated in San Ramon, California. This new studio aims to produce an original narrative experience within the PUBG universe. Spearheading the new studio is Glen Schofield former Vice President and General Manager/Co-Founder of Sledgehammer Games and Visceral Games. 
“Throughout my career, I’ve had a lot of opportunities to make some remarkable games that tell incredible stories, and each of them has meant something special to me. But now, those learnings will help me build a AAA team that can explore new designs and concepts at Striking Distance ” - Glen Schofield Striking Distance CEO 
Glen Schofield has been a key personality and one of the driving force that led to the development of titles like Legacy of Kain, Dead Space, Gex, COD:  Modern Warfare 3, COD: Advanced Warfare, and COD: WWII. From the looks of it, PUBG Corp. has definitely made the right choice in choosing the head honcho of their new studio. This also means that PUBG Corp. is dead-serious in moving the franchise forward. Check out the introduction video below and stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.   


"Striking Distance Studio Introduction Video"

Source: Games Press, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds