Knee, Bonchan, JWong, Sonic Fox, and MKLeo Dominates CEO 2019

Tournament // Esports // Results // By pets_torrefranca // 02 July 2019

Knee, Bonchan, JWong, Sonic Fox, and MKLeo Dominates CEO 2019
The biggest fighting game event in Daytona Beach, FL has just concluded with five of the biggest names in professional fighting game scene dominating the event. To elaborate further on the results, we have selected four of the biggest titles in fighting games - Street Fighter V, Mortal Kombat 11, Samurai Shodown and Tekken 7, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
Knee at CEO 2019
First off is Tekken 7 which was dominated by ROX Dragons Knee and Chanel who faced off during the grand finals. Before that, however, a battle between Knee and his longtime rival JDCR took place where Knee sent JDCR to the losers bracket. Despite JDCR's effort to climb back up to the top, Knee's teammate  Chanel was waiting at the Loser's Finals to deliver the final blow that led to a perfect 3-0 win that eliminated JDCR out of the tournament. 
CEO 2019 SFV Top 8
Next is Street Fighter V wherein a battle ensued between Bonchan and Fujimura during the grand finals. It seems that CEO 2019 is not keen on players coming back from the Losers bracket due to the fact that Fujimura himself fought his way up from the Losers bracket and even managed to get a reset. But despite all his efforts, Bonchan managed to snag the entire event in a 3-1 victory.
CEO 2019 MK11
Meanwhile, Mortal Kombat 11, unlike Street Fighter V, declared Sonic Fox as the victor of the entire event. This time, however, Sonic Fox emerged from the Losers bracket to face of Dragon who defeated him during the Winners semi-finals. Sonic Fox fought his way to the top got a reset that eventually led to his 3-1 victory over Dragon in the Grand finals. 
Jwong at CEO 2019
Samurai Shodown may not have as many participants at the moment, however, the game itself did not fail to put on a show. Iconic player Justin Wong has once again proved his expertise in the fighting game scene after easily dominating the entire event. 
CEO 2019 SSBU Grand Finals
Last but not least is Super Smash Bros. Ultimate which was completely dominated by MKLeo from Echo Fox. The iconic Smasher plowed through over 1000 entrants in the event. MKLeo faced off with Marss from Team PG who climbed his way up from the Losers Finals, however, just like the other players from other titles, was not able to defeat the dominant Player in the event which was MKLeo. Check out some of the footage from the tournament below and stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.  

"Tekken 7 Top 8"

CEO 2019 Tekken 7 Top 8
1. ROX|Knee
2. ROX|Chanel
4. Rangchu
5. NG-Obscure
5. Kkokkoma
7. GG|Saint
7. Talon|Book

"Street Fighter V Top 8"

CEO 2019 SFV Top 8
1. RB|Bonchan
2. FD|Fujimura
3. YOG|Machabo
4. CYG|Fuudo
5. NB|DualKevin
5. CYG|Daigo
7. FAV|Ryuusei
7. Rohto|Tokido

"Mortal Kombat 11 top 8" 

CEO 2019 MK11 Top 8
1. FOX|SonicFox
2. GRV|Dragon
3. PxP|A Foxy Grampa
4. Ninjakilla212
5. Noble|Kombat
5. Tweedy
7. Noble|SylverRye
7. Kevoxreborn

"Samurai Shodown Top 8"

CEO 2019 Samurai Shodown Top 8 
1. Justin Wong
2. Victrix|Cory Bell
3. Aroo
4. MeanSaltine
5. Alphonso
5. JDash (Galford)
7. Cookie (Darli)
7. DandyJ (Hanzo)

"Super Smash Bros Ultimate Grand Finals"

CEO 2019 SSBU Top 8
1. FOX|MKLeo
2. PG|Marss
3. Ally
4. Liquid|Dabuz
5. Solary|Glutonny
5. Puppeh
7. AG|WaDi
7. NRG|Nairo


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