FEXL New Update Includes Spectator Mode Plus A New Character

News // Arika // By pets_torrefranca // 22 July 2019

FEXL New Update Includes Spectator Mode Plus A New Character
A new update was recently unleashed by Arika for Fighting EX Layer. Update Ver 1.3.0 brings more improvements, bug fixes, new features and a new character to the Gougi-based fighting game. Speaking of which, one of the interesting feature which is currently in testing is Spectator Mode. Also, previously announced character Area from Street Fighter EX2 Plus is added to the game's roster (see patch notes below).  


Fighting EX Layer Area Character Selection Screenshot

Ver 1.3.0 Changes
Character Changes
Additional Characters
  • Area
    • Area does not have any Expert Mode challenges.
Improvements to Netplay Matches
  • The Netplay has been improved, along with additions and adjustments to the UI.
New Online Mode added for Testing.
A mode that allows you to spectate matches (Spectator Mode) has been added
For PS4 and Steam versions only.
Spectator Mode (In Testing)
  • This mode allows a Player to create a Lobby and spectate the matches of other Players who join.
Game Balancing
  • The input for Shirase, Sanane, and Hokuto’s special move 「Ryuusui」has been standardized, and the startup has increased.
Bug Fixes and Balancing
  • Fixed an issue with Sharon where using Half Moon does not trigger the Critical Gougi

Area is a gadget-based character equipped with an oversized bionic arm called cancer. The character is also equipped with rocket skates to compensate for the weight of the gigantic arm. Check out the gameplay video below for more details.

"Area FEXL Gameplay"

Source: Arika