OUG Super Smash Bros Custom Tournament Result

Tournament // Results // By pets_torrefranca // 28 August 2015

OUG Super Smash Bros Custom Tournament Result

Smash Bros Customs Tournament in Dubai was held with an unexpected number of participants than other tournaments as a usual overwhelming crowd that attends the Smash Bros. This tournament was not announced majorly only just between the groups. The tournament had a special occasion on that day which was Amoor Al-Muhairi’s birthday and the community planned for his celebrations at the event.

The last tournament winner and well-renowned name in Smash Bros community “Snack” hard time in this tournament, he was quickly sent to the losers bracket in the 3rd round and then was eliminated quickly by NeoTempus in the losers bracket.

The top three players who overwhelmed the tournament are Zolain, NeoTempus and Fahad taking 1st, 2nd and 3rd places respectively. Zolain who played with his hearts out, stayed undefeated and same goes for Fahad who was sent to losers by Zolain in winners finals, whereas NeoTempus is the talk for this tournament, this guy who was sent to losers bracket in the very first round fought all the way up the mountain and made it to second place by defeating Fahad in losers finals and moved to Grand Finals, however, Zolain still stayed strong at his position and claimed the champion's throne. The participants will now be waiting for the next stage to have their revenge to settle scores in the upcoming battlegrounds.

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