OUG Tekken Tag Tournament 2 - Season 2 (2015) Results

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OUG Tekken Tag Tournament 2 - Season 2 (2015) Results

The TTT2 tournament at KOFGCC which was hosted by OUG came to a spectacular end where the defending champion Dragoon still managed to stay as the champion. He really showed why he is the champ with his calm presence and cool composure that what made him for focused on the game and overcoming every situation in the tournament. Dragoon with a unique way of using Ganryu/Bob just like the famous Saint from Korea. Dragoon’s punishment was on point throughout the tournament and his wall pressure was remarkable which made him the champion once again.

There was a special guest from Saudi Arabia who participated in the tournament and he was none other the Ling Crazy player 3dawi, 3dawi’s play style with Ling Xiaoyu is amazing and it was a full feast for the viewers as this man used his Ling to a different level. His constant movements and his Lings cancels into AOP and back turned arts were something that really amused the crowd who came for the event. He was put to losers by Dragoon, but he came back to finals to face Dragoon again. 3dawi had many more of his setups that were put on the line but Dragoon had answers for all his moves. However, 3dawi ended on 2nd place in the tournament.

Supermoon on the other hand who lost his very first match to a new entry for this tournament was sent to losers in the first round. However, he fought all the way up to the loser’s final to face 3dawi in a fearsome battle. Both the players went head to head, but Supermoon ended up doing an error in his last round which gave 3dawi the opening and he was able to take victory over Supermoon. However, Supermoon’s performance in this tournament was really impressive with his Feng play and finally was able to secure 3rd place in the tournament.

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OUG Tekken Tag Tournament 2 - Season 2 Results For Top 8



 Supreme Champion


 Worthy Adversary


 Maybe Next Time


 4th place


 5th place tied


 5th place tied


 7th place tied


 7th place tied


"Grand Final - Dragoon vs 3dawi"