OUG Tekken Tag Tournament S1 (2015) Result

Tournament // Results // By pets_torrefranca // 09 August 2015

OUG Tekken Tag Tournament S1 (2015) Result

New Hyped Gaming Community

OUG (Omni Universal Gaming) a newborn gaming community in the Middle East has made their debut tournament sound so loud in Dubai for Tekken Tag  2 on 24th Jul 2015. The tournament which was held at E-Zone café, Abu Hail Dubai UAE has become the talk of the town among various gaming communities. Many players across UAE who turned up to the event and to top the icing on the cake we had an international champ from London “Roo Kang” and the famous combo movie maker “Diety Devil”.

All the players who put everything on the line, including their time in hours of rigorous practice which was seen keen in the tournament for being crowned as the OUG TTT2 Champion Dubai. There were many players who entered as underdogs but showed remarkable performance on the screen with their flashy skills. The top 3 players who climbed the ladder by defeating many formidable opponents and place 1st 2nd and 3rd were(starting left to right) Roo Kang, Supermoon, and Silent hill-Jooz.

Roo Kang The Champ

However, it was Roo Kang who dominated with his killer instincts of his characters Bob and Roger Jr. in the tournament and proving why he is the top contender. With his vast experience in major gaming tournaments across the globe, he was able to pull the tournament of and reign champion for OUG TTT2 S1, Dubai 2015.


Special Thanks 

Special thanks to Ezone Imad Farhat for supporting this Event.


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